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It isnt bad, the animation is good, but like you said, it started as a comedy and then it ended up being a dramatic movie. At the start you have funny situations (the camping guy adn the "Get them tiger" with the mexican spartan) and all of the sudden it gets dramatic. It doesnt work all that well, you should have made a comedy movie or a dramatic movie instead of mixing both.

You could mix both and still have a good movie but in here the mixing is just over time, the start is fun, at the midle there is a noticeble cut of direction and it is drama all of the suden.

Also, your comment on durge's review isnt all that great, it is understandable that he thought about having a joke near the end, a la "Wainting for the Bus" and its sequel that base around a very dramatic situation with a lolz at the end to make the viewer think "lol wtf?".

PS: Dont make a "Dot Dot Dot" out of this, lol

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Samuel L Jackson looks great, I dont see what you could improve on him. Bruce Willis could be a bit better, the face looks good but there seems to be something wrong with it, maybe because Jackson's face is more black and white and his (plus Travolta's face) is heavily in shades of grey.

Travolta's face on the other hand just makes me wonder what you were thinking about when you made it. Did you just go "Eh... Fuck it"? I cant really complain much about your skills, Samuel Jackson's face looks really good, its just that Travolta only looks worse when standing next to that lol.

Overall it looks good, could just use more work in that face.

PS: Never knew that Tarantino had "Jerome" in his name lol

triplenoob responds:

It went like this. This was my first time using a drawing tablet on my computer, and I'm used to drawing exclusively on paper. Turns out it had a bit of a learning curve. I did Travolta first, then Bruce Willis, then Sam Jackson. That's why they look progressively better, lol. I couldn't do anything to Travolta's face anymore without fucking it up. So I decided to leaving it alone, to my great despair as I knew it looked a lot worse than the rest. Don't worry, I'm honing my skills with the tablet, and will surely upload more stuff like Sam's face.
And yeah, I never knew Tarantino had Jerome in his name, IMDb told me that. I think it looked cooler with Jerome in his name like that for some reason.
Anyway thanks for the review and look forward to more stuff from me!
EDIT : I know why it looks different. The pictures I took as models were in different lighting, Jackson's photo had a LOT more contrast on it.

You kind of messed up

Its a bit hard to understand the image because of the quality, other then that its good.

Not bad, but...

Yes, you did blurred the mountains way to much, the mountains that are further are crystal clear and that doesnt make all that sence. There should be only 1 focus point, the characters or those mountains far away (I presume that you want to be the characters lol). But the rest is good, keep working, you can only learn with your mistakes

Fuske responds:

Yeah you're right, thank you. :)

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