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josemlopes's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 383 (From 67 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 3,430 Points

The Gun Game: Redux

Target Hater Unlocked 3/31/15
10 Points
Destroy 500 targets
Navigator 5 Points Click 200 buttons
Beginner 10 Points Earn 63 Novice medals
Enquirer 10 Points Play for 30 minutes
Campaign Trail 25 Points Complete all 24 campaign stages
Enthusiast 25 Points Play for 1 hour
Gonna Need A Montage 25 Points Spend 60 minutes in the practice range
Addict 50 Points Play for 2 hours
Semi-Pro 50 Points Earn 63 Veteran medals
Challenge Pro 100 Points Earn 63 Expert medals
Master At Arms 100 Points Attain 100% game completion
Recidivist 100 Points Play for 3 hours

Medals Earned: 1/12 (10/510 points)

The Utilizer

FLAWLESS Unlocked 6/7/15
10 Points
Don't lose a life in any sector.
PERFECT Unlocked 6/7/15
10 Points
Reach a perfect combo.
STONE-STILL 5 Points Don't move during 10 seconds.
DEVASTATOR 10 Points Kill 50 stranger monsters.
GOING TO RAM 10 Points Ram five enemies in a row with a shield bonus.
MAD UTILIZER 10 Points Kill 15 laser monsters.
NUKED 10 Points Destroy 10 monsters with a nuke in one time.
PERFECT CLEAN 10 Points Perform 'clean pad' three times in a row.
PICKER 10 Points Make 50 matches.
RICH 10 Points Get over $3000 in any sector.
COLLECTOR 25 Points Make 100 matches.
DANGEROUS 25 Points Upgrade your damage to the maximum.
FIRST BOSS 25 Points Kill the first boss.
FOUR SQUARE 25 Points Match four blocks in a square four times in a row.
GODLIKE 25 Points Reach a godlike combo.
IMMORTAL 25 Points Upgrade your life to the maximum.
SECOND BOSS 50 Points Kill the second boss.
SUPREMACY 100 Points Complete the last sector twice.

Medals Earned: 2/18 (20/395 points)

Vex 2

2nd Place Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Achieve Silver rank or higher on any act.
Act 1 Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Complete Act 1 to any standard.
Act 2 Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Complete Act 2 to any standard.
Act 3 Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Complete Act 3 to any standard.
Light Cardio Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Run a total of 1,500m
Not a scratch! Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Complete any stage without dying.
Tutorial Unlocked 6/20/13
5 Points
Complete the tutorial to any standard.
1st Place Unlocked 6/20/13
10 Points
Achieve Gold rank or higher on any act.
Perfect Unlocked 6/20/13
25 Points
Achieve Perfect rank on any act.
Act 4 5 Points Complete Act 4 to any standard.
Act 5 5 Points Complete Act 5 to any standard.
Act 6 5 Points Complete Act 6 to any standard.
Act 7 5 Points Complete Act 7 to any standard.
Act 8 5 Points Complete Act 8 to any standard.
Blown away! 5 Points Get blown away while hanging on to a ledge.
Curb Stomp 5 Points Land on a ramp hard enough to kill yourself.
Double Down 5 Points Complete 22 stages.
Lifesaver 5 Points Use an orange block to survive a hard fall.
Stargazer 5 Points Collect 3 hidden stars.
Time flies... 5 Points Play Vex 2 for 30 minutes.
Vexiphobia 5 Points Complete the tutorial without touching any checkpoints.
Keylogger 10 Points Hold two or more keys at the same time.
Mini Marathon 10 Points Run a total of 5,000m.
Act Master 25 Points Complete all acts to any standard.
Astronaut 25 Points Collect half of the hidden stars.
Buzz Lightyear 50 Points Collect all of the hidden stars.
Olympian 50 Points Get every act to minimum Gold rank.
Vexed much? 50 Points Complete the Vexation to any standard.
Perfectionist 100 Points Get every act to Perfect rank.

Medals Earned: 9/29 (70/450 points)

Villainous - Tower Attack

What is Good in Life? Unlocked 8/22/11
5 Points
Earn your first bronze medal on a stage.
What is Best in Life? 5 Points Earn your first gold medal on a stage.
Everything for Everyone 10 Points Unlock the secret Newgrounds treasure.
Prequel to the Sequel 25 Points Unlock the last stage of the game.
One Thousand Goblins Later... 50 Points Get all gold medals and all gold skills.
Finish the Story Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/120 points)

Vintage Game Shop

Rated R Unlocked 11/20/16
10 Points
Buy Night Trap on SEGA-CD
HADOKEN! Unlocked 11/20/16
50 Points
Buy a Street Fighter II arcade cab
I have no idea what I'm doing 10 Points Go near bankruptcy
Now you're playing with power! 10 Points Buy a Nintendo N.E.S. and it's R.O.B.
Segata Sanshiro 10 Points Buy a Sega Saturn
I am your father! 25 Points Buy a Magnavox Odyssey, the first home console!
Limit break! 25 Points Buy Final Fantasy VII
I want to believe 50 Points Buy a prototype of the canceled SNES-CD project
Pacman Fever 50 Points Buy an original Puckman arcade cab
Time is money! 50 Points Play for at least 20 weeks
Expert collector! 100 Points Collect all items!
Shut up and take my money! 100 Points Earn 10.000$!

Medals Earned: 2/12 (60/490 points)

You Only Get One Face

Full beard Unlocked 12/20/13
5 Points
Successfully find the full beard!
Mutton Chops Unlocked 12/20/13
10 Points
Lookin' hot in yer Mutton Chops
Clean shaven 5 Points Successfully shaved it all off!
Full Gringo 10 Points Successfully find the Full Gringo!
King Tut 10 Points Dig up King Tut
La Poirot 10 Points Detect la Poirot!
Napoleon Imperial 10 Points Successfully find the Napoleon Imperial
Soul Patch 10 Points Find your soul (patch)
The Lemmy 10 Points Locate Lemmy!
Thespian 10 Points Successfully audition the Thespian
Abe 25 Points Hey Abe, my top lip is awful chilly!
Fu manchu 25 Points Don't f*** with the Fu Manchu
Goatee 25 Points Successfully find the Goatee
Zappa 25 Points Rock out the Zappa
The Souvarov 50 Points Successfully find The Souvarov
Winnfield 50 Points Successfully find The Winnfield
Sparrow 100 Points Enter random pirate quote here...
The Anchor 100 Points Anchor's away! Aweigh? Meh.

Medals Earned: 2/18 (15/490 points)


Good boy! Unlocked 1/10/14
5 Points
Play with your dog
Aeryl 5 Points Complete Aeryl
Bravado 5 Points Drink poison
Double Rainbow 5 Points Scale Mount Ulahard
Elaris 5 Points Complete Elaris
Immature 5 Points Annoy the portly man in the shower
Meztla 5 Points Complete Meztla
Novice 5 Points Craft your first potion
Overreaction 5 Points Burn Duro to get his ship
Potal 5 Points Complete Potal
Rhisla 5 Points Complete Rhisla
Ro'gor 5 Points Complete Ro'gor
What's this? 5 Points Pick your first ingredient
Bullet 10 Points Complete the race across the border
Fortified 10 Points Collect a health upgrade
Herbalist 10 Points Collect 100 ingredients
Lynaii 10 Points Complete Lynaii
Pacifist 10 Points Complete the race without firing
Sacrilege 10 Points Enter the locked temple on Meztla
how it will end. 25 Points Defeat X'o'chthu
Master Alchemist 25 Points Craft all potions
Sneaky 25 Points Don't get shot on the Potal battlefield
Fourth Wall 50 Points Visit the developers
Potion Addict 50 Points Drink all potions at once
Man of Steel 100 Points Collect all health upgrades
Masochist 100 Points Defeat X'o'chthu using Freeze potions only

Medals Earned: 1/26 (5/500 points)